Sunday, January 25, 2009

No, I'm not old...

Okay, this past weekend I allow my inner child to come out and play...I should have told that child 'you are a crazy fool and you have business sledding!'

Yes, sledding! I got suckered into doing it and I'm feeling it now! I opted out of posting any pictures of me with my face in snow, but I just had to show you this hill! What's even crazier, I allowed Jaxon and Ian to go down this hill! At one point, I most have been at least 2 feet in the air when Jaxon and I were going down and we hit a bump! I seen my life flash before my eyes!

Ian, the two year old, was screaming 'FASTER' and Jaxon, the four year old, is screaming 'SLOW DOWN!' We really had a fun time, but I've been sitting on a pillow ever since!

Good times!

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