Tuesday, September 1, 2009

SJC Friends and Family Contest

I've been debating to have another picture contest and I've decided to try a new one...

SJC Friends and Family Contest!

Participants will have a choice to receive small advertising cards (the size of a business card) or an email advertising the same as the card. If you like you can do both!
Each card and email will advertise my shop and offer your friends and family a discount on their first SJC purchase.
The promotion code they enter at check out will be a unique code that lets me know this purchase is from one of your friends/ family!
For every $10 your friends/ family spends, you will earn 1 point. The person who earns the most points will be the winner!
I figured, the prize would have to be a good one! So the winner will receive ALL OF MY SJC HATS!
Yes, the winner will receive one of each of the following:
Newsboy Cap
Earflap Beanie
Visor Beanie
Textured Visor Beanie
Cable Newsboy Cap
and Flapper Beanie!
The winner will pick size and colors!
This contest starts TODAY and end November 30, 2009. The winner will be announced December 2, 2009.
Simply email me at jenelstgermain@aol.com, subject FRIENDS/FAMILY CONTEST or leave a comment. Let me know if you prefer the advertising cards, email or both.
NOTE: The email is a professional one that you can be forwarded to your friends.
If you have any questions please email me or leave a comment!
front of card

back of card

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The Royal Family said...

I would love cards and email

the_royalfamily at msn.com