Friday, August 28, 2009

First Day of School

It was a nightmare come little boy is a man...well, not quite! Monday, August 24th was the first day of school and I was probably more excited and nervous than Jaxon!

The school opened the doors at 7:45am and most of the students, grades K-8th grade were in the gym waiting for the 8am bell. The kindergarten parents were allowed to stay with the little ones for a bit so we...OH, I mean, so they can feel comfortable :)

Jaxon started kindergarten like a big boy even telling me I could leave after being there for only 5 minutes! I could see on his face he was a little nervous, maybe because of all the kids, but he held it together. Me, on the other hand, I fought back tears! I didn't want him to see me cry.

At 8am, the bell ring and the kids were dismissed from the gym to their classrooms. The kindergartners went first. Students and parents followed the 7th and 8th grade safety's to the classroom. I love that the older kids help the little ones.

Jaxon put his backpack away and found his chair right away along with all the other kids. The teacher had little headbands with each child's name and on each table were crayons and pictures for them to work on. All the parents and grandsparents were still in the room taking pictures and comforting a few that were a little upset.

After being there for a few minutes, Jaxon again gave me the okay to leave...but I wasn't ready! I didn't leave until 8:45am! Okay, I think I overstayed my welcome, but there were other parents there too!

This whole week has been very exciting! The kindergarten parents have been allowed to stay, but next week we can't even come into the school! This morning when I drop Jaxon off I took him in at 7:45am and left 2 minutes later! I didn't want him to think momma was aways going to be there. He was just fine! I have come to conclusion that it was all me! I was the nervous one...not Jaxon!

I'm so very proud of my Bubba!

(Isn't he beautiful?!)

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